Founded in 2005, Sunshine Peanut Company is a small organization in the food preparers industry located in Jacksonville, FL. Sunshine Peanut Company is a contractor in the Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing industry. Our factory headquarters is in sunny Jacksonville, FL! Our factory produces more than 10 million pounds of peanut butter per year nationwide.

Sweet & Savory Peanut Butter Fondue

Fondue is a fun, communal food that’s great for parties and holiday gatherings. Traditional Swiss fondue is made with melted cheese and wine, and dessert fondue is often made with melted chocolate. The recipes below take a different spin on fondue with peanut...

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A Hungry Child Inspired this Chef to Serve Millions

Having boarded his 100th flight of the year, it’s fair to say that Chef Michael Levine spends a lot of time with his head in the clouds. But Mike stays grounded in a mission that matters. He is striving to end childhood hunger one meal at time. Through a...

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Why Good Food Matters on Campus

As one of the healthiest colleges in the US, NC State University in Raleigh, NC is a leader in serving nutritious, craveable and convenient options to its more than 30,000 students. Dining options that are plant-forward, sustainable and responsibly sourced are growing...

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3 DIY Holiday Décor Ideas with Peanuts

If you’re in search of holiday decor that’s unique, sustainable, and budget-friendly, look no further than peanuts! Here are three DIY peanut decorations to try this holiday season:  Source:

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5 Simple Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with family, friends, warm nights in front of a fire and holiday decorations galore. But the holiday season is also a time for reflection, to give thanks and to give to others through acts of kindness. While running a charity 5K or...

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5 Self-Care Tips to Avoid Holiday Burn-Out

October 31 and January 1 are like the start and finish lines of a celebration marathon. And it’s easy to lose sight of healthful habits during the holidays.   Source:

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Why Fried Turkey Isn't a Calorie Bomb

While you’ll rarely find a registered dietitian advocating for fried foods, there are actually some surprising facts that make turkey that’s been fried in peanut oil a pretty reasonable option.                 ...

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