Sunshine Peanut focuses on providing a product that meets contractual nutritional requirements for institutions as a function of government and or public service. We produce a variety of peanut butter and jelly products in bulk quantities with a quick delivery.

  • We offer our peanut butter in a wide range of ┬ábulk and portion control sizes. Fill out the Contact Us form for more information


Hog Butter and Deer Lick is a pure peanut butter animal feed and attractant. Butter and Deer Lick is design to pull Hogs, Deer, and even Bears in close! This product acts as an effective cover scent as well. Out product is pure preanut butter, no harmful chemicals, and no sour aroma. Very easy to use and very effective. Hog Butter and Deer Lick come in 5 pound pails and 35 pound tubs. Our tubs and pails can be fixed to a tree or simply opened and placed on the ground. Instructions for placement are included on the bucket.

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